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Redesigned Google Play Starts Rolling Out

Google revealed the new face of Google Play earlier this month. At that time it was only said that it will roll out soon. It seems that “soon” has arrived. The redesigned Google Play started rolling out to Android devices as of yesterday. Some of the Android devices already got the revamped Google Play, others will get it soon. If you don’t already have the new redesigned Google Play, don’t despair. It will surely come to your Android device in the near future. We didn’t get it either so far, but we hope it will reach our smartphones these days.

The redesigned Google Play Store features a major reorganization of its categories. It also has a more modern look, so Android users will get a great new experience. As it was already projected, the redesigned Google Play store will be divided into two main sections. It will have an Apps and Games section, and a separate section for Entertainment. This would be a serious change in comparison with the preexisting six sections. It will probably help users find more easily what they want. The previous version of Google Play had the following categories: Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand.

Apart from reorganization, the redesigned Google Play also offers new language features. The redesigned Google Play now supports  languages that read from right-to-left. Although this is not as important for the majority of people, who don’t speak these languages, it is good that the redesigned Google Play will also support them for the sake of people who do speak one of these languages. Overall, the redesigned Google Play store seems to be more accessible and user- friendly. The modern look is also welcome. Sometimes a little bit of change is all we need to make our lives more colorful.

We hope that the redesigned Google Play store will become available on our smartphones soon. We are eager to check out how it behaves and how much easier it will be for users to find exactly what they would like.

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