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Microsoft flagship store in New York City

Microsoft Flagship Store Open in NYC

Microsoft opened the door of its most recent store in New York City on October 26. This day was also the launch day of its latest Windows 10 devices that were revealed at the beginning of this month. The tech giant officially launched the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 beside other products. The Microsoft flagship store opened on Fifth Avenue is certainly the biggest so far. The three floors opened to the public house all the products Microsoft has to offer, and customers will also be entertained here.

Just as people would expect from a tech giant, the Microsoft flagship store is filled with technology. Customers will be able to purchase all Microsoft devices and a few other laptops from other OEMs, all of which run on Windows. Customers will also find the Xbox in the Microsoft flagship store, naturally. The Microsoft flagship store also has an entire floor that is dedicated to Dell and Alienware devices. The section is called “The Dell Experience at the Microsoft Store”. Of course, customers will find the latest Dell devices running on Windows 10 here.

What really makes the Microsoft flagship store a great place though is not its products, but its feel. It is a place where Microsoft customers can not only purchase hardware or software products delivered by Microsoft, but can also have a true Microsoft experience. This is achieved by the theater situated on the second floor for example. This is a place that houses two huge screens on each side. This space in the Microsoft flagship store was created with workshops, product training and community events in mind. So the Microsoft flagship store is not only a place where Microsoft devices and software can be purchased. It’s a place where customers can get to know Microsoft, its products and really enjoy everything Microsoft has to offer.

The neat, modern Microsoft flagship store still feels like a regular Microsoft store, it is only bigger and better. It’s exactly the kind of store you would expect to find in a city like New York. It offers not only devices to buy, but also entertainment, the chance to learn more about Microsoft products and simply enjoy technology.

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