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Play Music will personalize podcast suggestions for you soon

Podcasters get a lucky break in Play Music

Google Play Music is becoming a richer audio application as of today as Google announced that it would be adding a new Podcast category to the library.¬†According to the blog post the company’s Android team published today, podcasters and their shows will be able to access a much larger crowd through Google Play Music. Podcasters in the U.S. can already upload their shows through the company’s publish platform, but listeners and podcast fans can’t have access to podcasts yet.

According to the blog post, Google is embracing the podcast genre because there are many Android podcasters who have not been able to access a native app on Android, until now. With the addition of a podcast category, Play Music becomes the first native podcast app for Android. Although there are various apps geared at fans of the genre, Play Music has access to a much larger audience. All Play Music users, with free or paid apps, will be able to access Podcasts pretty soon. Google says it’s a great opportunity for podcasters to gain more listeners, but at the same time it will be a gem for listeners.

Google is implementing the same suggestion and recommendation system it uses for music, but in a more ethereal way. Apparently, podcasts that Play Music will suggest will be based on mood, time of day and activity. Sounds pretty weird, but it should be pretty interesting. Since uploads are open already and are said to come to other parts of the world, too, podcasts should be made available to listeners soon enough.

If you have a show and would like to try and gain more following, you can head to the Play Music publish page and start uploading. The tech podcast from Twit, Nerdist podcasts, The Mystery Show, The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle and more popular shows are confirmed by the company, so there are things to look forward to about the new section in Play Music. With the new suggestions in place and everything, podcasters and their listeners have a chance at a new hub,

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