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Everbuying offers you the chance to buy a OnePlus X

The OnePlus X was probably the highlight of last week. The new device released by the startup company OnePlus is just as amazing as its family members, the OnePlus One and the OnePlus Two. The OnePlus X was also said to only be available for purchase with an invite so the presell offer of Everbuying that is active until November 30 might be the way to get your hands on a OnePlus X sooner than you thought. Everbuying offers a presell price of $279.99 for the 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM version and a slightly higher $295.99 for the 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM version of the smartphone.

The OnePlus X is the newest member of the OnePlus family. It was not created to be a flagship device, instead OnePlus thought of it as a mid-range smartphone that is affordable. Of course, it isn’t as powerful as the OnePlus 2 “Flaghsip Killer”, but it will definitely be able to complete regular tasks without any problems. The 5- inch OnePlus X runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and there is no information regarding its upgrade to the Marshmallow version of the operating system.oneplus x front

The 5- inch display of the OnePlus X is an AMOLED one with Full HD resolution and 441 ppi pixel density. The OnePlus X is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which makes it more durable. The images produced by the screen of the OnePlus X are clear, crisp and accurate, so customers definitely don’t have to make a compromise when it comes to the display of the OnePlus X. The design is also one that would surely be confused with that of a more expensive device. The elegant lines and the good quality materials used for the body of the OnePlus X definitely create the feeling that you hold a high- end device instead of one that is priced under $300.

One thing you have to compromise on a little to get the great price of the OnePlus X is power. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset under the hood with a quad- core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. This is paired with an Adreno 330 GPU. It won’t be as powerful as the OnePlus 2 released this year, but it is more than enough for completing the tasks regular users would like to complete. You might even say that there is no actual need for more power than this. The OnePlus X comes in two versions. The lower capacity one includes 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage, while the more powerful includes 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage. Both versions also include a TF card slot due to which they support up to 128 GB of external storage.


The cameras of the OnePlus X are also great and comparable to those of high- end devices. The back camera has a 13 MP sensor that will deliver 4128 x 3096 pixels resolution pictures. The camera also has phase detection autofocus, LED flash and features geo- tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama mode and HDR. It records 1080 p videos at 30 fps or 720 p videos at 120 fps. The secondary camera of the OnePlus X has a 8 MP sensor which is actually better than that featured by many of the recently launched expensive smartphones out there.

OnePlus-X-frontThe OnePlus X has a 2450 mAH non- removable battery. This will be able to ensure a day’s worth of battery life for sure. It’s not the highest- capacity battery on the market, but it isn’t the weakest one either. It is an average battery that is suitable for a smartphone that is priced under $300. All in all the OnePlus X is a great smartphone delivered by OnePlus. It looks premium, it feels premium with its glass back and it is definitely powerful enough for regular use. Let’s be honest, regular users don’t need anything that the OnePLus X can’t deliver. So, if you also think that the OnePlus X is an incredibly appealing smartphone, preorder it from Everbuying. You only have to pay $279.99 for the 2 GB of RAM+ 16 GB of ROM version of the OnePlus X. For the 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM you’ll have to pay a little extra, $295.99, to be more exact. Don’t hesitate, it might be the best buy you make this year.

OnePlus X 2GB 16GB ROM OnePlus X 3GB 32GB ROM

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