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Cortana for iOS

Cortana for iOS Beta Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft announced  on November 3 that they will roll out Cortana for iOS beta to a number of users to test it. According to Microsoft the Cortana for iOS beta will only get to be tested by a limited number of people. Those who would like to take Cortana for a test drive only have to take a survey. After completing this task the limited number of users will receive a download link over email sometime in the next few weeks. For now, Cortana for iOS beta is only available in the US and China so if you are not in these two countries don’t even bother to sign up for the Cortana for iOS beta.

Microsoft seems to be fully aware of the value of Cortana. They are also aware of the fact that not everyone carries around a Windows 10 mobile device. So after delivering the Cortana for Android beta now they thought of developing Cortana for iOS beta. Given the fact that Microsoft’s personal assistant is extremely useful, Cortana for iOS beta might turn into a greately sought for app. Of course, for now Cortana for iOS beta won’t function exactly like the Windows version does. Saying “Hey Cortana” won’t wake the personal assistant up, but she will definitely be able to complete a number of tasks. These include adding reminders, answering manually asked questions and a number of other features.

Since Cortana is becoming a serious presence in the life of a great number of Windows users the Cortana for iOS beta could be exactly what these users want. Some of the Windows users already have Cortana on their computers and tablets, but they felt her absence on their iPhones. Now, with Cortana for iOS beta their dreams seem to come true. Surely, after a brief testing period Cortana for iOS will become more widely available, without the need of an invite. Since there is already a Cortana for Android beta, Microsoft seems to have covered the whole range of Windows users that don’t own a Windows 10 mobile phone.

Don’t forget, if you would like to get early access to Cortana for iOS beta, take Microsoft’s survey and patiently wait for the invite that will come to your email in a few weeks. If you do get one, tell us how Cortana for iOS beta worked out for you.

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