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FreedomPop smartphone

FreedomPop To Build WiFi First Smartphone

FreedomPop and Intel are partnering up to build the first smartphone that includes free cellular phone service. The FreedomPop smartphone will be a WiFi- focused device. Users will be able to make calls and text only by connecting to WiFi networks and if there aren’t any available in the area, through cellular connection. According to sources, cellular connections will also be free for FreedomPop customers. FreedomPop until now only offered budget- friendly data- only network. Now it seems that with the help of Intel FreedomPop will also launch a smartphone, most likely some time in 2016.

The smartphone will be designed specially to work on FreedomPop network. This means that the FreedomPop phone will be optimized for WiFi use. It will be used for calling, texting and data mainly through WiFi. The FreedomPop phone will be powered by Intel’s SoFIA platform. This way the FreedomPop smartphone will be able to switch between WiFi and cellular connectivity easily, without dropping calls. Text messages won’t remain unsent either on FreedomPop’s phone. According to sources the smartphone will run on Android but it still isn’t clear which company will manufacture the FreedomPop phone. It was said that its price will be set in the $99- $199 price range, so it will be affordable for the majority of users. This price, combined with the small fee paid for the FreedomPop network could make the smartphone a hit.

It seems that first there will be a 3G device released in the US. This will also be followed by a 4G device, also in the US. So  far FreedomPop extended to the UK outside the US. At this time FreedomPop’s service is available there in partnership with the local carrier Three. The FreedomPop service now available in the UK offers 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data for free. There is also an active promotion according to which the first 1000 subscribers will get 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 1000 MB of data for free in the first month of their subscription.

We are eager to know more about FreedomPop and Intel’s project. We can’t wait to see which company will manufacture the smartphone and what features it will offer. We will update you as soon as we find out more.

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