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Reports Show Instagram Testing 3D Touch and Apple Pay Ads

The iPhone’s 3D Touch feature is great but until now users didn’t really have much to do with it. Now it seems that Instagram is trying to exploit this brand new feature of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. How? According to reports, Instagram is testing advertising users can interact with. Yes, iPhone 6S users will be able to interact with advertising through the 3D Touch feature of their smartphones. Even more, they will be able to purchase items through Instagram ads by using the Apple Pay mobile payments system.

Although ads are not particularly loved by gadget users, if Instagram really manages to make them more interactive they may become a little more bearable. How will it work exactly? It seems that the 3D Touch feature will enable Instagram users to press harder on the Instagram ad when they want to toggle between items for sale. This is the 3D Touch part of the new Instagram ads. Apple Pay comes into the picture in order to make online shopping easier. Shoppers will be able to buy items directly from the Instagram application. There will be no need to exit Instagram and then access the website of the retailer. Instagram users will be able to pay for the desired item through Apple Pay. It just couldn’t get any easier than that at this point.

Instagram already revealed a “Shop Now” in the Summer. Now it seems that they want to simplify online purchasing even more. Whether this will make users be more forgiving with ads on Instagram or not, we can’t know before Instagram actually launches the new features. So far they are only testing them. The innovation brought by Instagram was certainly needed since the photo- sharing social network seems to allow more and more brand-bought photos to appear in its app.
Even if Instagram will host more advertising, it’s a good thing that they are trying to make ads more interactive. The new generation ads are also good because they can put the 3D Touch feature to a good use.

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