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Cube iWork 8- The Affordable Tablet Becomes Even More Affordable on Everbuying

Tablets are becoming a must have nowadays and we use them for entertainment, for research, for gaming, basically for everything. There are a lot of types of tablets on the market, some are high- end devices, others have only the basic functions of a tablet to offer. Their price range is also quite wide. Everbuying offers you an entry- level tablet for a low- budget price. The Cube iWork 8 is the object of an upcoming promotion hosted by Everbuying. As if the $98.04 price wasn’t low enough for the Cube iWork 8, on November 11 customers will be able to purchase the tablet for only $79.99. If you don’t get to order the Cube iWork 8 on November 11, don’t despair. The tablet will be available for $84.99 on November 12 and 13.

The Cube iWork 8 is a good looking tablet. It has a rounded design, simple lines and is quite slim at 9.8 mm. The Cube iWork 8 comes with an 8- inch screen. The display is a 5 point capacitive IPS screen with 1280 x 800 (WXGA) screen resolution. The images delivered by the Cube iWork 8 will be clear, but you shouldn’t expect 4K quality. Then again, the price tag isn’t high enough for 4K quality either.


The Cube iWork 8 is powered by a quad- core Intel Atom X5-Z8300 processor clocked at 1.44 GHz. This is paired with an Intel HD Graphic(Gen8) GPU that will make the Cube iWork zippier and more fun to use. The Cube iWork 8 includes 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The internal storage can be further extended by a TF card since the Cube iWork 8 supports up to 32 GB external storage. What makes the Cube iWork 8 different from other similarly priced tablets that are on the market right now is its operating system. The Cube iWork 8 runs on the latest OS delivered by Microsoft, the Windows 10. This guarantees a great user experience so it is a good reason to opt for the Cube iWork 8.


The Cube iWork 8 tablet has a 2 MP sensor camera on the back and one on the front. Since the two cameras share the same type of sensor they will deliver similar quality pictures. The photos delivered by the Cube iWork 8’s camera won’t be as clear as the ones taken with the cameras of smartphones, but the cameras are perfectly suitable for selfies and video calling. You actually don’t really need a better camera on a tablet. And we shouldn’t forget that there are tablets that still feature one low- resolution front-facing camera, without offering a back camera. If you take this into consideration, the new flagship from Cube is actually quite well equipped.

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The battery that comes with the Cube iWork 8 is a 3300 mAh one, this is supposed to ensure up to 3 hours of video playing time. It is not the longest battery life ever delivered, but it isn’t the lowest either. For the price, Everbuying is selling the iWork 8 Ultimate for is quite impressive, to be honest. All in all the tablet offers everything that an entry- level tablet should. It has a good screen, reasonable battery life, good CPU and a more than affordable price tag. So don’t hesitate. Purchase the Cube iWork 8 for only $79.99 on November 11 or for $84.99 on November 12 and 13. Don’t lose the opportunity to get a great price on a good tablet.

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