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Samsung Galaxy S7 could have a lower price than the Galaxy S6

There are more and more rumors surfacing about the Galaxy S7, the flagship device that Samsung will most likely release next year. While there was chatter related to the design and the spec sheet of the Galaxy S7, the latest reports target its price and they say that the next Samsung flagship may be more affordable than the one released this year. According to a China- based analyst the Samsung Galaxy S7 could have a price tag that will be approximately 10 percent lower than the one of the Galaxy S6. Since usually the newest devices are just as expensive or even higher priced than the devices they follow, it would be a nice change to see a brand new flagship smartphone with a more affordable price than the ones that were released before.

The lower price of the Galaxy S7 could be Samsung’s way of dealing with the unexpectedly low sales they managed to record after the release of this year’s Galaxy S6. They might have realized that the S6 is just out of reach for the majority of customers and they should price their next flagship, the Galaxy S7 lower in order to sell as many devices as possible. They sure need to sell more if they want to overcome the gap that separates them from Apple right now.

On the other hand, while the number of devices sold would increase if Samsung priced its Galaxy S7 lower, the profit of the company wouldn’t have a great boost in the end. But then again, usually you have to give some to get some and Samsung probably knows this. If the prediction of Pan Jiutang, the China- based analyst, is accurate and Samsung will sell its Galaxy S7 for a lower price than this year’s Galaxy S6, the device would not only be more affordable than the S6, but it would also have a lower price than Apple’s flagship devices and other major Android smartphones, making it more desirable for customers.

Samsung really needs to do something in order to increase their market share and the good pricing of their flagship device could be exactly the way to do that. Right now the sales of Samsung aren’t that bad, but they are mainly thanks to the mid- range devices Samsung released this year and this is not great at all. The flagship device should be at the center of sales and Samsung should know this. Maybe if the Galaxy S7 will have an affordable price tag things will get better for Samsung and they will manage to get their ducks in a row after all.

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