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Mi Band Pulse

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse- The $16 fitness tracker now has a heart- rate monitor

Xiaomi proves that they listen to what customers want. After the Mi Band was released a number of users reported that they would have liked the gadget to come with a heart- rate sensor, and Xiaomi heard them. The Chinese company just launched the Mi Band Pulse which is as affordable as its predecessor, but it is an improved version of the original device. Xiaomi added the requested optical heart- rate sensor to its fitness tracker, making the low- cost device an even better one. According to the manufacturer the new Pulse’s sleep tracker was also improved, they didn’t just add the new heart- rate sensor to the gadget. mi_band

Xiaomi’s original Mi Band was extremely well received, claiming 24.6 percent of the wearable device market in the first quarter of 2015. Given the fact that it only started shipping in the second half of 2014, this result is quite amazing. If we analyze the Mi Band and consider the extremely low price tag it comes with it’s no wonder it sold that well. Now the improved Band Pulse could surprise the world with another round of great sales.

Xiaomi Mi-Band Pulse hearth rate sensor

The Pulse’s strap is made from a better material than the one featured by its predecessor, making it harder to break than the original Mi Band’s one. The optical heart rate sensor is now located on the bottom coming in touch with the user’s hand. ThePulse has a 45 mAh battery which is said to ensure approximately 20 days of battery life. Although this is lower than the battery life of the previous version, it is still quite impressive and means that users won’t have to bother too much charging their device.  The best features of the original fitness tracker are also present in the new Mi Band Pulse. It is dust- and water resistant making it possible for users to wear it in any conditions without damaging their fitness tracker.

Just like its predecessor, the Mi Band Pulse is compatible with Android devices running on KitKat 4.4 or higher and it is also compatible with iPhones running on iOS 7 or above. The Pulse also supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity making it even more useful. This is quite impressive for a fitness tracker that will be available for $16. Unfortunately the Mi Band Pulse will only be available at the date of its launch, November 11, but Xiaomi will widen the availability in the upcoming months.

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