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Tag Heuer Connected

Tag Heuer Connected- The luxury Android smartwatch costs $1500

The top watchmakers of the world seem to realize that smartwatches are taking over the wearable market, so they create their own smartwatches, that are smart but actually look like watches. After Fossil, another internationally known watchmaker launched a smartwatch. This time around we are referring to the latest addition to Tag Heuer’s collection, the Connected. Tag Heuer’s smartwatch is definitely not a low- budget one, being priced at $1500, but it is exquisite in every way. It looks like any expensive watch should look like and it is smart at the same time, so what else could smartwatch users wish for?

Tag Heuer’s Connected smartwatch might be extremely expensive but it might be worth its price if you ask the people who can actually afford to purchase such a watch. It is made from grade 2 Titanium which certainly makes it feel premium and it is also durable and good- looking. The watchmaker company certainly paid a lot of attention to every little detail, proved by the side button, that showcases modern Tag Heuer iconography. The vulcanized rubber strap with grade 2 titanium folding clasp and safety push buttons is at the same time eye- catching and comfortable, adding to the value of the Connected smartwatch.

Tag Heuer colors
Tag Heuer’s Connected smartwatch comes in 7 different colors

The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is also quite powerful, being powered by an Intel Atom dual- core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, which will make the Connected smartwatch zippy and a pleasure to use. The 1.5- inch touch display is quite large, but it is at the same time one of the most clear and bright displays every sported by a smartwatch. It is made from sapphire, just like the screen of the Apple watch, making it as scratch resistant and durable as possible right now. The 240ppi pixel density of the Tag Heuer’s smartwatch is lower than the Apple Watch’s 290 ppi pixel density, but the images are still extremely clear and beautiful. The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch also has IP67 splash- proof water resistance which makes it suitable to wear in less than perfect conditions.tag-heuer-connected-watch

The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch includes 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage, which is quite impressive for a wearable device, since there are still smartphones that have the same characteristics. The 410 mAh battery is said to ensure about a day’s worth of battery life from a  single charge, which means that users will have to remember every day to charge their smartwatch if they don’t want their smartwatch to run out of juice when they most need it. Honestly, from a smartwatch priced at $1500 we would have expected a longer battery life. The smartwatch however offers a number of features that could make up for the low battery life, including different apps, texting features, the possibility to draw emojis, listen to music, and users will even be able to have song lyrics on their smartwatch after this gadget recognizes the song played.

Although after all the Tag Heuer Connected is basically a smartwatch that runs on Android Wear it can’t easily be compared to any other smartwatch on the market. There are similarities between the design of the Connected and the design of other smartwatches, it has some features in common with the Apple watch but for now the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is kind of alone in its category. It’s not necessarily a common smartwatch, it is a high- quality watch that is now also smart. Whether it is worth $1500 or not, we’ll let you be the judge of it.




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