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No.1 D3 Smartwatch only $22.99 until 24th November

No.1’s new smartwatch phone, the No.1 D3 is now available on Gearbest for an incredibly low, $22.99 price tag and it will be available until November 24, when the pre-order period will end. You still have two weeks to order the latest No.1 smartwatch, don’t miss out on this unique occasion. For only $22.99 you can get a smartwatch that looks nice and offers all the features more expensive ones do, so it is a quite intelligent investment. For this small sum you not only get a fitness tracker, but also a fashion accessory that will make your days brighter and more fun.

No.1 D3 colors

The No.1 D3 smartwatch is one of the few devices of this kind that can take and make phone calls without needing to be paired to a smartphone, due to its own SIM card. Of course, you can still sync your D3 to a smartphone in order to gain access to its call logs, contacts, messages and music, in order to further improve your user experience. The fact that the D3 smartwatch phone has its own SIM card and GSM connectivity means that you no longer will have to carry your smartphone with you at all times, giving you the possibility to leave it at home whenever you wish to just exercise and disconnect a little from the world. 

no.1 D3

The 1.22 inch capacitive IPS screen of the D3 smartwatch is bright and delivers great quality images. You will be able to easily check your messages, notifications and scroll between the different functions of the smartwatch, with a nice visual experience. The strap of the No.1 D3 smartwatch is made of a deluxe rubber material that turns the smartwatch phone into a comfortable and stylish accessory, making it OK to wear it for long periods of time without causing any discomfort. It also comes in white, black, pink, blue and green so everyone will find the accessory that reflects their personality best. 

The No.1 D3 smartwatch phone has a built in camera with a 0.3 MP sensor that allows users to capture every important moment of their lives, even if they don’t have a smartphone or another camera on their hands at that moment. This feature is not a common one for smartwatches yet, making the D3 smartwatch different from other devices of this kind. The 350 mAh battery is also a nice feature of the smartwatch, ensuring a long battery life, so users don’have to constantly worry about their smartwatch dying exactly when they most need it. 

Just like any other, more expensive smartwatch, the No.1 D3 has a number of health features, including a heart- rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a sedentary reminder, UV intensity sensor and a pedometer, making it easy for users to track their exercises. The  D3 smartwatch is a quite serious one when it comes to features but it also grant a lot of fun due to its stereo sound effect, Bluetooth connectivity and the TF card slot that supports up to 16 GB external storage, so you can listen to your favorite music at all times. 

The No.1 D3 smartwatch is compatible with Android smartphones and it includes 32 MB of RAM and 32 MB internal storage. This is not much, but with the additional 16 GB storage supported by the TF card slot will be enough for you to take your music with you everywhere. 

All in all the latest No.1 smartwatch phone is a nice looking fashion accessory with a great number of features to make using it more fun, Being available for only $22.99 on Gearbest makes the No.1 D3 smartwatch phone even more appealing, so don’t miss out on the occasion to pre- order it until 24 November. 

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