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Asus’s augmented reality glasses confirmed

It was said already this fall that Asus was interested in making its own augmented reality headset, similar to Microsoft’s HoLoLens, but at the time the rumors surfaced the PC manufacturer did neither confirm or denied the rumor. Now, the Taiwanese company announced that the rumors were accurate and that they are working on an augmented reality headset that should be released sometime next year. Although there weren’t any details disclosed, it is now certain that this particular company is the next hardware manufacturer to try  to impress customers with their augmented reality glasses. The company thinks that AR will become an important feature in user’s lives, and they might be right.

Although previously it was thought that the augmented reality headset will be possibly delivered in partnership with Microsoft, there weren’t any remarks made as to the accuracy of this info. The augmented reality glasses that Asus is working on could be a cheaper version of the HoLoLens, or it might as well be a totally independent project sustained by the Taiwanese company. We hope that this gadget will become widely available, unlike the augmented reality headset created by the Richmond- based tech giant that is still a prototype. Speaking of this particular device, it seems that Microsoft will launch a developer edition of the HoLoLens in the first part of next year and it will cost around $3000.

The augmented reality glasses announced by the PC manufacturer could be the ones to deliver the AR experience to a larger number of users. If the headset will become real, it should be able to project virtual reality objects in the users real field of vision. This would make it similar  up to a certain point to the Google glasses that are now able to show notifications in front of the eyes of their users.

It is also possible that the projected augmented reality glasses will be created for gamers since it seems to be a priority for the PC hardware manufacturer company to deliver improved gaming experience. Since there aren’t too many information to work with so far, all we have to do is guess at this point. A widely available AR gadget could boost the integration of augmented reality in our day- to- day lives, we just have to see if Asus is the company to deliver them or not. Would you like to own an augmented reality headset? What would you like to use it for?

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