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Next- gen Apple Watch
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Next- Gen Apple Watch to be Released in 2016

According to several reports Apple is planning on launching a second generation of their smartwatch, probably in the summer of next year. Although there weren’t any official information made public regarding the design of the next- gen Apple Watch, it was stated that this will be a better gadget than the current model and that it will get a full hardware and software upgrade. The Apple Watch released in April is definitely not a prefect gadget, but even so it sold quite well, market researchers estimating that up to now the Cupertino- based company has shipped around 7 million smartwatches, making it the best selling gadget of this kind.

The first improvements were brought to the smartwatch by the watch OS upgrade delivered in September, which enables users to run certain apps on their smartwatches without it being paired to a smartphone. At the same time Apple also added a number of colors and band styles to its smartwatch, making it more appealing to the general public. More versions of the watch means that there will be more people that find the perfect version that reflects their personality best. Even so, the Apple Watch is far from being the perfect smartwatch. It can’t be used without a smartphone, while there are low- budget smartwatches that can work autonomously. This is probably one thing that will change with the next ¬†generation of the Apple Watch.

Some people think that the new version of the gadget will receive a FaceTime  video camera, better WiFi connection and an improved design, with a more suitable watch size. Some of the Apple Watch users seem to hope for a round bezel the next time around, instead of the rectangular one featured by the current version. Others would like to see a bigger battery in the next generation of Apple Watches. Some of the users stated they would love to have a blood sugar measuring possibility with the Apple Watch 2. Unfortunately, although this would make the life of those suffering from diabetes, it is not likely that we will see such a feature in the next smartwatches delivered by Apple, mainly because it would need FDA approval and a way to figure out how to test blood sugar without actually drawing blood. One thing that everyone would like to see in the next- gen Apple Watch is LTE connection.

What is sure is that Apple and Quanta Computers are already working on the next version of their smartwatch. We are eager to see what improvements Apple will bring to their next generation smartwatches. Whether it will be a huge difference between the two versions or not, it remains to be seen. What would you like to have in a smartwatch? What features do you think that the next- gen Apple Watch will have?

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