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HTC One X9 - another mid range premium on the market

HTC One X9 – another mid range premium on the market

A lot of rumors came out about HTC One X9, the next smartphone from HTC. Filmed by from all the angles, the smartphone reveals less technical features than it was initially specified. One X9 is about to have different design features than A9 but pretty similar with new Nexus 6P, the direct competition.

These information was spread through Tena Certification Committee from China. They actually test this HTC One X9 model, in order to allow the marketing process in the country. The front of the phone seems to be different from the A9 model, the new slots for speakers becoming very obvious. But on the back of the phone we can see some new elements. The rounded corners and antenna stripes are quite similar to those from the iPhone 6, except the top of the glass surface which now integrates the camera. This particular detail brings into memory the design of the new Android Nexus 6P flagship by Huawei.

Technical features of the One X9 are very similar to HTC One A9. It has a bigger display, a full HD resolution, 5.5″ diagonal, quad core chipset at 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM memory and 16 GB storage space. Cameras make photos of 13 and 5 megapixels. There is one free slot for micro SD cards. Size is about 153.2mm X 75.9mm x 7.99mm with 174 Grams weight.

From these information we have until now, it seems this One X9 smartphone from HTC will be another mid range premium device from this company. But this means the price will not be well adapted to the performance. It is possible that this smartphone is designed to the Chinese market only. We say that when we remember that HTC already launched, at the beginning of this year, another model for the One M9 flagship, called M9+. This one was meant for the Chinese market and it appeared on the European and American markets only a few months later.

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