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Huawei’s new quick- charging technology won’t hurt the lifespan of the battery

We all want to have batteries that ensure a great battery life, or at least to charge really quickly so we don’t have to wait for a lifetime in order to have enough battery life to go through a night out. Unfortunately, the quick- charging technology that already exists has its side effects also. Quick- charging batteries will suffer in terms of their lifespan or the capacity to get the speed users desire. Fortunately, it seems that Huawei found the solution for the problem. They developed a lithium- ion battery that has a¬†graphite-coated anode which allows the battery to charge really quickly, without damaging it in any way.

According to the smartphone manufacturer, the new technology allows 3000 mAh batteries to charge 48% in only 5 minutes. This is quite impressive, given the charging time batteries now need in order to reach the same amount of charging. This type of a technology would definitely make life easier for those who are constantly on the run and don’t really have the time to wait for their smartphones to charge fully. According to reports, the aforementioned battery isn’t the best Huawei has developed. The company has an even greater prototype that can charge 68% in about 2 minutes. For this battery, we will have to wait a little longer because they still have to make it more practical, given its current capacity of 600 mAh, which is not enough to power a smartphone.

Right now Huawei’s battery isn’t available for the general public and it will probably take some time for it to be present in smartphones. For now the quick- charging battery needs a special charger to work, and so far the company didn’t disclose any information about the date when it will become available for the general public. We hope they will wrap the project up soon and deliver a technology that will allow users to charge their smartphone quickly and safely.


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