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Oukitel A29
OUKITEL A29 the James Bond of smartwatches

Oukitel A29, a nice, affordable smartwatch

Oukitel is mainly known for its smartphones, but it also offers smartwatches, the A29 being one of these. The Oukitel A29 is a brand new gadget, available for preorder on Gearbest until November 25 for only $65.79. This is a great price considering the price tags of other smartwatches, that in some cases offer a lot less than the A29, which looks good and functions well at the same time. This smartwatch really resembles traditional timepieces, so if you are a fan of the old school wearable, the Oukitel A29 is probably the perfect gadget for you.

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The Oukitel smartwatch has a traditional design with a circular dial protected by sapphire glass which is resistant to abrasion and ensures a great look for the A29. The full steel construction of the watch’s body turns the gadget into an extremely durable one, while the leather strap ensures comfort and a classic look. The smartwatch has an IP rating of 53, meaning it is resistant both to dust and water, making it safe for users to wash their faces wearing the gadget. It is not indicated to be used while showering or swimming though, because it is not waterproof, it’s only water resistant to a certain point.Oukitel-A29-smartwatch_10

The 1.22- inch capacitive IPS screen of the smartwatch has a 240 x 240 resolution, delivering stunning quality and color. The smartwatch is powered by a MTK2502 processor, includes 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB internal storage, with no possibility to extend it. The smartwatch has a 320 mAh battery that should ensure a decent battery life, getting you through the day with ease. It offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and supports both Android and iOS devices, making it possible for users to easily connect to their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Although it can be paired to a smartphone, the Oukitel smartwatch doesn’t necessarily need one in order to function. It has its own SIM card, so you can use the smartwatch for calls and messaging. If you think that talking to your wrist could seem funny to others, you can sync your smartphones with your Oukitel smartwatch and only use the smartwatch to quickly check your notifications. By pairing your smartwatch to another mobile device you can also remotely control the camera of that certain device or listen to music from that gadget, via Bluetooth. The Oukitel A29 has a great speaker that delivers clear sounds, allowing you to enjoy your music on the go.

Oukitel a29 smartwatch

The Oukitel smartwatch has a number of health and fitness features, including a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a pedometer and a sedentary reminder, all of which will enable users to carefully monitor their activity and thus have a healthier lifestyle. Extra features of the smartwatch include a sound recorder, an alarm clock, a calendar and a calculator, making your life a lot easier by having them on your wrist.

Oukitel a29 offer
Oukitel a29 offer

As we already stated, the A29 looks like a traditional watch, but its smart features will surely come in handy when you exercise, want to remotely control your smartphone, or you’d like to leave your smartphone at home. All these features can be your for $65.79 if you order the smartwatch on Gearbest before the presale promotion ends on November 25.

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