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iPhone 6S cases

Top 10 Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases in November

We all love our smartphones and want them to be as safe as possible. Especially if we own an iPhone 6 or 6S. This is why the majority of us opts to protect their smartphone with a case. Thankfully, there is almost an infinite choice when it comes to these accessories that are meant to keep our beloved gadgets safe. We thought we should make up a top 10of the best iPhone 6 and 6S cases that are available this month. Some of them are incredibly cool, created especially for the guys, while other ones, especially the shiny cases, were definitely created with the beautiful girls that own iPhone 6 and 6S models in mind.

1. Spigen Tough Armor Case – Gunmetal

spigen case
iPhone 6 case Spigen Tough Armor

If you want a simple, but still a cool case that will do a great job in protecting your smartphone, this is the one for you. The dark gray case looks robust and manly, and with its dual layers and the air cushion technology it comes with, it will definitely save your smartphone when you accidentally drop it. The four-point rear guards for front- and back-panel protection ensure the safety of your gadget, by safely lifting it 0.7 mm from the surface. the air- cushion corners and the spider web pattern shock absorption alongside the military grade protection MIL-STD 810G 516.6 will make sure that your phone won’t suffer any serious damages when it hits rough surfaces. The Spigen case also makes it easy for users to access the volume and power buttons for a more efficient experience. The case is available on Amazon.com for only $17.99.


2. Hundromi Plastic Case Cover Henna White Floral Paisley Flower Mandala

Hundromi case
Iphone 6 & 6S Henna White Floral Paisley

The delicate ladies that want their smartphone to look extremely feminine and appealing, there is the Hundromi plastic case that has a nice floral pattern. It is compatible with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S and it provides protection against daily wear and tear, scratches, marks, and scrapes. It is not as safe as the previously presented case, but it will protect the smartphone from minor accidents, and it will also turn your smartphone into a nice accessory to have.This case also comes with a Hundromi stylus and packing, making the deal even more appealing, especially due to its low, $6.99, price tag. This is not a bad price for one of the most elegant iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases you can find.


3. Maxboost Protective Case

iPhone 6 Case , Maxboost® [HyperPro Series]
If you would like your iPhone 6 to be protected by an incredibly simple and yet sleek case, the Maxboost is a great choice. The dark grey case’s shock-absorbing TPU body protects against day to day wear and tear, scratches, scrapes, marks, drops, and falls, keeping your smartphone safe. The Maxboost Protective Iphone 6 case offers extra protection to edges and corners, which are usually the first to get damaged in case you drop your smartphone. The 1 mm raised lip was designed for the protection of the screen, in case the smartphone gets dropped. Due to this feature the screen of the device won’t come in direct contact with the hard surfaces it falls on. The case is semi- transparent, so it won’t hide the natural beauty of your iPhone 6, which is one of the reasons you probably bought it in the first place.  The flexible matte texture of the case also ensures a good grip, so dropping the device will be made more difficult. This case’s price starts from $11.99.

4. Spigen Bumper Case

spigen bumper
iPhone 6 Case, Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] Bumper
The clear hard back panel and the flexible TPU bumper offered by this particular case will provide dual protection for your smartphone. The transparent polycarbonate back panel will allow you to show off your iPhone 6 in its splendor, but the buffered corners will lift the back panel so the device doesn’t get in contact with tough surfaces in case it is accidentally dropped. Th case is equipped with air cushion technology, for an increased shock-absorbing peripheral protection. With this case, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your smartphone without exposing it to everyday wear and tear. The slim design of the case won’t turn your iPhone into a bulky device and the power and volume buttons will be easily reachable whenever you need to use them, through the case. The Spigen bumper case is only compatible with iPhone 6, and its price starts from $11.99.

5. LUOLNH Henna Itzli Mayan Aztec Clear Pattern Premium Cover

mayan aztec
iPhone 6 Tribal Case -LUOLNH Henna

If you like traditional patterns, or you just wish for a phone case that has its own personality, the Luolhn case is the right one for you. The cover is constructed from shock absorbent, shatterproof, and anti-scratch material, providing a good day- to day protection against everyday wear and minor scratches. The design of the case enables users to access all the buttons, ports and controls of their smartphone without having to remove the cover. The pattern of the case is eye- catching, simple but still beautiful, adding some personality to your iPhone 6. It looks great on every color the smartphone comes in, combining the color of the smartphone with the white pattern of the otherwise clear case. Luolhn Premium iPhone 6 cover is also incredibly affordable, it will only cost you $3.99. It will be on stock starting November 22, but you can order it now to make sure that you will get your hands on it.

6. LUVVITT ULTRA ARMOR iPhone 6/6s Case

Double Layer Shock Absorbing Cover

The Luvvitt Ultra Armor case is compatible with both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. It is one of the toughest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases out there, as the matter of fact. The double layer armor case design combines  a protective German Bayer branded hard shell and a shock absorbing TPU core. This combination ensures the safety of your device, and it also looks quite sleek and manly. It has a 1.4 mm lip that will ensure the safety of your screen, making it impossible for it to come in contact with rough surfaces while the 0.7 mm rear guards were created for the back panel of the device,  so it won’t get scratched. The design of this case ensures easy access to controls, ports, and buttons, without having to remove the case. The accessory comes in several colors, so you can personalize your iPhone as you wish, for only $12.99.

7. UnnFiko Beauty Luxury Diamond Cover Case

Crystal Rhinestone Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6

For those ladies who love to have some glitter on their smartphones, UnnFiko created the Beauty Luxury Diamon Cover Case. This will certainly bring some bling into your life. The case is made of a high- quality durable hard plastic and it was added bling rhinestone in order to turn your smartphone into a fashion accessory. The case will protect your smartphone from wear and minor accidents while adding some extra style to it. The surface of the case is not slippery, ensuring a better grip. It is also extremely slim, so it won’t turn your favorite device into a bulky one. It is easy and shiny, making it perfect for the ladies that like to sparkle. The case can be ordered in several colors, in order to please everyone. It only costs $2.57, so you can order more cases to reflect your personality or mood.

8. Vofolen Impact Resistant Wallet Cover 

Impact Resistant Wallet Cover iPhone 6 Card Slot Case

This particular case will not only protect your iPhone 6 from scratches and wear, it also offers you the possibility to keep your ID, credit card or your cash in the case, so you don’t need a wallet too. It can be extremely useful especially on a night out when you don’t want to carry any extra weight with you. The rubber case combined with the shockproof hard polycarbonate cover will keep your smartphone safe while it adds some extra personality to it. Thanks to the materials it is made from, the case is extremely easy to clean and it offers a soft touch and an elegant appearance to your iPhone. The precise cutting for all ports, camera, speaker, and side button will allow you to access them without any difficulties. The cover is compatible with iPhone 6 and is now available for $7.99, allowing you to save 87% of its original price.

9. Vofolen Anti-Slip Soft Armor Case

vofolen 2
iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen® Anti-slip Soft Armor

This is another good- looking case delivered by Vofolen, and it is a great choice for both the male and the female iPhone 6 owners. Its flexible rugged TPU case with lattice treatment for a tight grid will prevent users from dropping their smartphone, and the soft rubber case will provide shock absorption in case of accidents. The hard polycarbonate frame ensures an even more solid protection for your iPhone. The pattern featured on the case is simple and stylish, and given the fact that it comes in different colors, it will meet everyone’s demand. The Vofolen Anti-Slip case is available for $8.99, which is not a big price to pay in order to ensure the safety of your smartphone.



10. Caseology Textured Pattern Grip Cover

iPhone 6 case, Caseology® [Wavelength Series] [Navy Blue]
This cover is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S and it has an extremely simple but yet appealing design. The Caseology cover might just be one of the nicest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases available at this time. It is made from TPU and is highly resistant to oil, dirt, and scratches, making it ideal for your smartphone. The case has the finished look of a hard case but at the same time it offers the shock absorption of a soft case, ensuring the safety of your iPhone. The textured pattern featured on the case will ensure a good grip and prevent users from dropping their smartphones. It comes in a variety of colors and models, so you can choose the version that best reflects your personality. The precise cutouts enable easy access to ports, controls and buttons of the smartphone, without needing to remove the cover when you want to use them. It is available for $17.99 now, allowing you to save 49% of its original price.

As you can see, there is a great variety of cases and covers that are meant to protect your smartphone, and in this time of the year, the majority of them are on sale. You can buy them for yourself, or for your loved ones, as an early holiday gift.



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