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OM-D E-M10

Vintage Olympus OM-D E-M10 combo pack with 14-42mm 2RK lens

The OM-D E-M10 is a member of Olympus’s OM- D family, which is a highly- regarded camera series of the manufacturer. The E- M10 is considered to be an entry- level camera of this series, even though it has an impressive spec list. It actually contains some of the top technology featured in its range, making this device a good one for the money. Speaking of money, you can now buy the OM-D E-M10 and a 14-42mm 2RK lens to go with it for only $499.00, instead of the original $699.00 price, if you order the mirrorless camera on Amazon.com.

For this price, you will get a camera that features a 16 MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor with 3-axis sensor shift image stabilization, a 3- inch LCD touchscreen with 1,037,000 dots and a number of other features. The autofocus feature of the E- M10 is quite impressive. The camera’s AF system has 81 points, which is great compared to the 35 points the E- M5 features, for example. The camera has manual focus with magnification, focus peaking, single AF, continuous AF and tracking AF modes, alongside face-tracking AF.
The 16 MP sensor is helped by the TruePic VII image processor to deliver high- quality, high- resolution pictures and full HD video. The obtained images will be great also because the OM- D E- M10 camera offers 24 different scene modes and a dozen of art filters, besides the 7 color presets and custom color slots. All these features combined give users endless possibilities to edit their images. The camera also offers an electronic viewfinder that enables realistic, high resolution viewing in a comfortable position that is especially beneficial when working in bright conditions. IN addition to the viewfinder, the E- M10 also features a touchscreen that will allow users to navigate to the menu of the camera, playback videos or see taken images, and is also useful for live view monitoring. The touchscreen of the E- M10 tilt 80° upward and 50° downward, making it even more useful, since it can be used from both high and low angles.

Users can also connect their OM-D E-M10 camera to their iOS or Android smartphones due to the built- in WiFi connectivity it offers. If the camera is paired with a smartphone, users will be able to wirelessly control their camera through the Olympus Image Share app. In order to link the two devices, users will need to use the intuitive QR Code Connect system, which will display a unique QR code on the camera’s monitor which can then be recognized by a mobile device.

Besides the presented features, the Om- D E- M10 also has a number of other ones, which all contribute to the greatness of the device. Now, if you order the device from Amazon, you will also get the 14-42mm 2RK lens included in the price. This is not a bad deal for only $499.00. You can also opt for other kinds of lenses, but they will cost you a lot more. We hope that you will enjoy the experience offered by the Olympus E- M10 if you choose to purchase it.

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