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Facebook offers now support for digital breakups

Facebook offers now support for digital breakups

Did you think Facebook can not imply more into your personal life? Well, you were just so wrong. Facebook now offers, for people that are willing to change their marital status from “In a relationship” to “Single”, the option of having much more control overs their photos, articles or tags that have been written during the relationship. People who change their personal status do have, from now on, more dedicated tools for improving Facebook using experience.

From these new interesting options, the most popular seems to be the ability to remove status change info from the account without the ex-partner to find out, the option to completely block the content published by the ex-partner or the option to hide the own published content, the option to limit that person only for some network components (such as news feeds or messages) and even the option of modifying the older posts, in order to remove photos, tags and other things from those persons, when they made together a couple. Facebook actually offers some sort of time machine for your own account, in which you can modify or erase your history as you decide.

It is true that these great options were present before, too, but each function was in a separate place. Now they were all reunited together, just in case you breakup and want to review that time period. Nobody wants to breakup but these things do happen, unfortunately. Facebook was very predictive and put at disposal for all of you the best tools, in order for you to change, review and modify what you consider to be inappropriate for you. It is a great gift for Facebook users, who now have the power of changing their own stories, images and brand. Redefine yourself if you want, that seems to be that new Facebook logo.


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