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Bold Motion

Movado’s Bold Motion is a smart Museum Watch

All the major watch makers seem to create smartwatches all of a sudden. They may have realized that these wearable gadgets will soon take the place of regular timepieces, so everyone is hurrying to create a smartwatch that will ensure their customers’ loyalty to the brand. The latest watchmaker to deliver such a device is Movado, who partnered up with HP in order to deliver a smartwatch that looks like a regular timepiece. We are referring to the Bold Motion, which has a design quite similar to that of their so- well- known Museum Watch.


To be honest, the Bold Motion is a kind- of- smartwatch, given the fact that it doesn’t have a digital screen, like other smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S2, and others. Instead, the Bold Motion has an analog watch face that will deliver notifications, like email notifications, social media updates, calendar appointments, and battery life warnings. You probably wonder how the notifications work if there is no screen, only an analog watch face. The notifications are delivered with the help of tiny blue or white LED lights around the inside edge of the watch’s dial.


Given the fact that it’s not as smart as other watches, the battery of the Movado Bold Motion will last for a lot longer. It ensure’s a week of battery life, to be more exact. Although it doesn’t have as many features as other smartwatches, the Bold Motion is still able to keep you in touch with your emails, social media accounts, and other activities. It can do this without it needing to be a mini- computer strapped to your wrist. You can have both the fashion accessory you want, the regular watch, and the notifications that keep you in touch with others, all in a beautiful, elegant smartwatch.

The Movado smartwatch is available in two colors, stainless steel, and black, and it will set you back $695. This is quite a big price for a watch that is not even half as smart as other gadgets that are available for half its price. Then again, you won’t buy the Movado watch for its functions, you will buy it for its looks, which are as great as ever. If you are a fan of regular watches, but still want to know what’s going on with your emails, social media accounts and need some reminders, the Movado”smartwatch” is the right timepiece for you. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so it doesn’t matter what kind of a smartphone you own.

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