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U80 – the 10$ smartwatch

Gearbest prepared a great Christmas gift for its customers. The U80 smartwatch is now 55% off and you can purchase it for only $9.99. Where else could you buy a smartwatch for this crazy low price? The fact that it is this affordable doesn’t mean at all that the U80 is not a fully functional, great smartwatch. In fact, it has all the features you could expect a smartwatch to have, a nice design, and when you pair all this with its incredibly low price, you have a truly amazing gadget. The special price offer stands for a week, so you should hurry up and order the device as soon as possible.

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The U80 Bluetooth smartwatch has a square watch face with an eye- catching metallic- looking frame and is made from good quality materials offering a great tactile sensation. It has a power button on the right side of the watch face, a speaker, a microphone and a USB port on the left side, and capacitive buttons on the lower side of the screen that allow users to take phone calls, hang up and control the volume of the speaker. The same capacitive buttons also allow users to toggle between the many features of the smartwatch.The rubber band and the stainless steel buckle of the smartwatch make it comfortable to wear, so users can wear it all the time without any discomfort at all. he smartwatch comes in black, white and red, so everyone can choose the gadget that best reflects their personality.


The 1.5-inch LED 128 x 128 pixels resolution screen of the U80 will display high- quality images, and will be easy to see no matter if you are indoors or outdoors. The 230mAh is able to ensure up to 5 days of battery life on a single charge, so users don’t have to bother with charging it every day. This gadget will definitely not run out of energy exactly when you need it the most.


The smartwatch has a great number of functions, including a pedometer, a sleep monitor, an anti-theft alarm, sedentary reminder, and it even reminds you to drink water once in a while. It can be paired with smartphones running on Android 3.0 or above. Via Bluetooth users can make and receive phone calls, and they can sync their call log and phone book of their smartphone with the smartwatch. The gadget also features message and call reminders, so users will definitely not miss out on anything important. They can even use the smartwatch to remotely control the camera and the music on their smartphone. Of course, he U80 also has the basic functions of any smartwatch, like alarm, calendar, calculator and stopwatch.

The U80 smartwatch is a really good one, and when you consider the $9.99 price tag it now has you really can’t say that it’s not worth every cent of this amount. Actually, the original $22.27 price of the gadget was also a more than reasonable one, but if you want to get it for less than half its price, now is the time to do so. You can order it this week on Gearbest. The offer is not only limited in time but also has a limited stock, so you should hurry up if you want to buy yourself, or someone dear to you, the perfect Christmas gift.






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