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The new Ford GT will be equipped with a Gorilla Glass windshield

Corning Gorilla Glass is something we see every day all around us. It is the one protecting our smartphones’ screens, and it seems we will also see it on the next Ford GT also. Why would Corning Gorilla Glass be on a Ford GT? Because windshields can also be made of it, to be more specific, windshields can be made of Gorilla Glass hybrid. Corning and Ford are teaming up in order to create thinner, more durable and lighter windshield glass for the next GT model. The same glass will also be used for the glass that sits on the engine cover window.

Of course, the Corning Gorilla Glass windshields won’t be exactly affordable, in fact, this glass will only be found on the most expensive sports cars made by Ford, and it will probably remain on them for the foreseeable future. That is until a new technology will be developed that will replace the current high-end one and the Gorilla Glass windshields will become affordable for the majority of people. This might happen only in a few years, but then cars will become lighter and more secure.

Although the Gorilla Glass is extremely tough, this isn’t the feature that makes it perfect as a material for windshields. Of course, durability is important, but so is weight. The Gorilla Glass hybrid is considerably lighter than the glass windshields are made from these days, and this will definitely contribute to the better functioning of the car that is equipped with this kind of a windshield. The lighter the car is, the better it will behave. Lighter cars are more efficient and easier to handle, and the Gorilla Glass windshields will make the next Ford GT even more amazing than it normally would be. The fact that the material is incredibly tough and resists to everything that can be thrown at it on the move in normal conditions only adds to the value of the cars that will have this windshield.


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