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BlackBerry Priv Battery Drain Workarounds and Solutions

The biggest problem with smartphones these days seems to be related to the batteries of the devices, and the BlackBerry Priv is no exception from the rule. Although it is equipped with a rather large, 3410mAh battery which should be able to easily ensure a full day’s use even when it is intensely used, the smartphone doesn’t seem to live up to the expectations. According to users’ reports, the battery drains fast in some situations and the device overheats, which is definitely not something users want to happen. There are some simple ways to solve these issues, and before you toss out the smartphone or take it to a service, you should try them out.

The easiest way to try and fix your battery problem on the BlackBerry Priv is to restart your device. This won’t be the solution for every problem, but in some cases, it can make a difference in the battery life of the smartphone. All you need to do is hold down the Power button of the device and then press Restart. It is also important for users to make sure that the Battery Saver feature is turned all. In order to check the status of this feature, they will need to swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers. If the option is not turned on, make sure to enable it because it can save a lot of energy by reducing performance and background data when the device is running low on power. Reducing the brightness of the display can also add a few minutes, possibly even hours to the battery life of the device. There is no need to keep the brightness of the display on 100%, it is perfectly visible and accurate at 50% or even less also.

If the aforementioned workarounds don’t seem to work, users can also try some other solutions in order to prolong the life of their battery. First, it is important to make sure that the operating system and all apps are up to date. Users chan check the status of these features by accessing Settings > About phone > System updates and tap Check for update. In order to update your apps, you will need to access Google Play and in the Settings menu of the app select My apps & games > Installed and Update all. Many of the updates offer lower power consumption, so keeping your apps and operating system up-to-date can save you some energy.

If you notice that a certain app uses more energy than it should and drains your battery because of this, you should try to force stop the app and then clear its cache. In order to do so, you will need to go to Settings > Apps > All and find the app in question, then tap Force stop and Clear cache. Uninstalling and reinstalling an app can also solve battery drain issues, so if the aforementioned solution doesn’t work, you should try reinstalling the app in question. Tweaking the cellular or mobile network settings can also help ensuring a longer battery life for your BlackBerry Priv. Go to Settings and tap More in the Wireless & networks section and then select Cellular network > Preferred network type. You can make any changes here if your carrier allows you to, and it is possible to see a difference in the battery life of your smartphone after making the changes.

In case the culprit for the battery drain is a third-party app, you can identify the problem by booting into Safe Mode. Press and hold the Power button and then tap and hold on Power off, then tap OK to reboot to safe mode. If the battery drain is caused by a third-party app, it shouldn’t be able to affect the battery life of the smartphone when it is used in safe mode. In this case, users will need to identify the app that is causing the problem by uninstalling and deleting their apps one by one to see which one is causing the battery drain or factory reset the smartphone and reinstall every app they need. In order to identify the app that is causing the problem users should closely watch their device after installing every app. If the problem comes back, it means that the cause is most likely the app that was installed last.

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of causes for battery drains, and sometimes the solutions aren’t exactly obvious or easy to find. In the majority of cases, the problem can be fixed with a lot of experimenting and patience until the cause of the problem is found. After the culprit is identified the fixing of the problem should be easy. In case none of the above solutions seem to have results, you should take your BlackBerry Priv to a service or send it back and ask for a replacement.





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