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Apple Watch 2 Rumors and Specs

Whether we like it or not, Apple released one of the best smartwatches to the market this year. The Apple Watch is one of the most if not the most popular gadgets of this kind at this time, which is why it really makes sense for the Cupertino, California-based company to release a new version of the device as soon as possible, in 2016. Rumors about the Apple Watch 2 already surfaced, and according to them, the next generation smartwatch delivered by the smartphone manufacturer will be just as great or greater than the current model of the device.

First of all, changes in the design of the Apple Watch 2 are expected. According to rumors, the next generation Apple Watch will be thinner than the one released this year, but it won’t come with great surprises features-wise.  The water resistance rating of the device also seems to be increased in the Apple Watch 2. Instead of the IPX7 waterproof standard of the current model,  the next-generation smartwatch might have a more impressive IP67 rating to make the product suitable for outdoor and sporting activities. There are no changes expected in the battery of the device, especially because there were no problems reported with the one of the current version. The battery life it provides is still better than the one offered by many other smartwatches.

New features could include a front-facing video camera for facetime calls and even smart bracelets which will let you know whenever you have a missed call, text message or other notifications pending. The enhanced Activation Lock is another projected feature of the next generation Apple Watch that could come in handy whenever the smartwatch is lost or stolen. This feature will keep your information stored on your smartwatch safe. The Apple Watch 2 could include apps to track sleep and also smart straps with extra sensors for tracking fitness. The gadget will most likely run on Watch OS 3.

Besides the usual sports and standard models, the next generation smartwatch developed by Apple could also be available in titanium, platinum, and liquid metal versions. The price of the gadget could start from $349 or higher, and it could go really high for the premium versions of the device. The new smartwatch will be launched sometime in 2016, but there is no information as of yet regarding the exact release date of the gadget.

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