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Fitbit was the star wearable of this Christmas

Fitbit is known as one of the best selling wearable gadgets on the market at this point, and it seems that this holiday season sales went over the top for the tracking device. As of the afternoon of December 25, the app that goes with the device topped Apple’s free app chart in the United States. Some might say that one can’t base the number of devices sold on the number of the app’s downloads, but actually, the number of downloads also shows the number of new devices that were put to use these days. According to the data, it seems that Fitbit was the fitness tracker that got to the majority of people who received smart wearable for Christmas this year.

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The increase in sales of the wearable doesn’t really come as a surprise since every year ever since it was launched, the company recorded its top sales in the fourth quarter of the year, to be more specific, in the holiday season. The wearable manufacturer was already in the top of sales of this kind of gadgets, leading the wearable market with an astonishing 22 percent of the total sales. This is quite impressive if we think of the tough competition that’s going on these days on this market. Every major smartphone and watch manufacturer seems to be working on creating smart wearable devices, so it is quite hard to get to be the leader in this niche.


Fitbit products are quite impressive, so it’s no surprise that people seem to opt for this company’s gadgets instead of others. The devices are not only working great, but they are also more affordable than other ones in their category, making them perfect as holiday gifts also. In fact, these fitness trackers could be the perfect gift for people who like to exercise and don’t necessarily want to impress with more expensive devices.

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