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Top 5 Best Nexus 6 cases online

Although the latest Nexus smartphone have arrived, the Nexus 6 is still very popular and those who own one would definitely like to have it for a long time. This is why a good case is crucial, and those who truly cherish their smartphones will go for the best ones. We made up a top of the 5 best Nexus 6 cases you can purchase online on Amazon. Of course, these aren’t the only cases available for this particular model, so if none of them are suitable for you, you can check out the site and choose another one that best reflects your personality. The important thing is to protect your smartphone with a durable case so that it will remain as good as new for a longer time.

1.Ringke Bumper Case Cover


The Ringke Shock Absorption Scratch Resistant Drop Protection Bumper Case Cover for Nexus 6 – Smoke Black has a dual-layered heavy duty design that was created to protect your smartphone against drops and scratches. The geometric pattern TPU case will not only absorb shock but will also reduce the heat and further protect your device. The thin case also has a dust cap that prevents tiny dust particles from entering your smartphone, so you won’t need to clean it as often as before in order for it to work at maximum capacity. The bumper case has a Nexus 6 logo enhancer, so everyone can see your smartphone in its whole beauty. The Ringke Bumper Case Cover now only costs $10.99, allowing customers to save 63% off its original price.You will also get a bonus screen protector, so your smartphone will be fully protected from scratches.

2. Spigen Bumper Case Cover

spigen case

The Spigen Bumper Case will protect your smartphone without hiding its beautiful body. This clear case is a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection, so your Nexus 6 will always be safe against accidental drops and scratches. The corners of the case were enhanced with air cushion technology, so the smartphone will be further protected in case it falls. Although the case only covers the back of the device, the lips on both front and back will also protect the screen from getting scratched when the smartphone falls or is set on its front panel. The lip is only 1.1mm, so the case won’t be too thick, but it is enough for the screen not to come in touch which surfaces that could damage it. The Spigen Bumper Case is available for only $6.99 these days, so hurry up and order it on Amazon before it gets back to its original $24.99 price.

3. Poetic Google Nexus 6 Case

poetic case

This might be the most robust smartphone case available on the market right now, and the fact that the manufacturer is ready to offer a three-year warranty on it proves it. The design might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but given the fact that this particular device is preferred mainly by men, the Poetic Case might be the perfect one for many Nexus 6 owners. The hybrid TPU skin and polycarbonate frame was built for maximum shock absorbency, and the sealed tactile buttons and port covers will prevent dust accumulation. Poetic didn’t only think of the back cover of your smartphone when they created the case, they also integrated a water-resistant screen protector cover, that will protect the screen from scratches. This incredibly durable and strong cases will only set you back $12.95, which is really a low price to pay in order to ensure the safety of your smartphone.

4. Spigen Slim Armor

spigen 2

In case you prefer a more modern look for your Nexus 6 case, the Spigen Slim Armor could be exactly what you were looking for all this time. The TPU and Polycarbonate dual-layered case will do a great job in protecting your smartphone combined with the advanced shock absorption technology embedded in the case. The Spigen Slim Armor case is slim and has a nice design which will reflect the beauty of the smartphone’s design. There is even a cut-out that allows the Motorola logo to be seen. This not only improves the look of the case, it also offers a better grip when the smartphone is used one-handed because oof the concave form of the logo on which users can stabilize the phone with their finger. The case is available in Shimmering White, Satin Silver, and Metal Slate color variants, and it costs $11.99.



The SUPCASE Nexus 6 case is made from high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC) materials, offering a great protection for your favorite smartphone. The snap-on cover is extremely easy to install and it has a modern, sporty design. The case grants easy access to all the ports and controls of the smartphone, so Nexus 6 owners will be able to use their smartphones without any discomfort. The SUPCASE cover is available for only $13.99, allowing users to save 44% off the original price of the case.


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