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Let your fetus enjoy a concert with Babypod

Everyone knows that it is good for babies to listen to music even when they are still in the womb. Until now, soon-to-be-mothers could only play music to their bellies, but now they can do even more. The Babypod is an intravaginal device that will play music for your unborn child. The tunes that will possibly turn into your child’s favorite songs can be played for him or her, now with an even clearer sound. Your unborn child couldn’t really enjoy music until now because your body distorted the sound, and the one that got to your fetus wasn’t exactly what you were listening to.


According to Babypod, the intravaginal speaker will deliver a much clearer sound to your fetus, so it can enjoy a better experience. This may not seem important for the majority of us, especially if we are not expecting parents, but according to Babypod fetuses actually react to the music played to them via the intravaginal speaker. Music and other sound stimuli are really important for babies and their harmonious development, but is it ok for moms-to-be to use this kind of device during their pregnancy? According to the manufacturer, it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to play music for their unborn children via the Babypod.


The Babypod is covered in silicone, which is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin of the future mother. The vibrating sound waves emitted by the intravaginal speaker will not damage or have adverse effects on the fetus or the mother. The Babypod’s sound intensity is only 54 decibels, so it definitely won’t damage the fetus’s hearing either. The device might be too much for some of the expecting parents, but if you do want your unborn child to have his or her own concert in the womb, the intravaginal speaker could be the device that will help you offer your child the best acoustic experience available at this time. You only have to connect the speaker to your smartphone and play your favorite music to your unborn child.

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