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Oculus Touch motion controllers delayed until second half of 2016

Although Oculus’s Rift virtual reality headset is still supposed to ship in the next few months, it seems that the company delayed the launch of their Tuch motion controller until the second half of this year, so they can improve it even further and deliver the best controllers they can. Pre-orders for the Rift will begin very soon, and the ones for the Oculus Touch controllers will also begin a few months before the actual shipping date, so whenever preorder will become available, we’ll know that the launch of the controllers is just around the corner.

The Oculus Touch controllers were first announced in 2015, and even then the company hinted to a mid-2016 release for the gadget. Of course, the second half of 2016 could mean the end of the year,  not necessarily July, but what is important is that the controllers will be released sooner or later this year. The delay is rather understandable given the fact that the technology used in the Touch controllers is quite new, and developing the perfect controllers for Oculus customers seems to be very important for the manufacturer. According to a blog post by Oculus, they made significant advances in ergonomics and are woking to make the Oculus Touch controllers more comfortable, reliable and natural.

According to the same blog post, the Touch controllers won’t come alone. Oculus is planning on releasing a huge amount of what they call “ground-breaking new content” to go with the brand new controllers. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date of release, so we’ll just have to patiently wait for the Oculus Touch controllers to be finally shipped, and hope that the ground-breaking new content the company promises us will be worth the wait. As soon as preorders will become available we will know that the moment we were all waiting for in the past few months is finally approaching.


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