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samsung bio-processor

Samsung’s bio-processor could turn fitness trackers into useful gadgets

The majority of us owns or owned a fitness tracker at some point, and then decided that the device isn’t really useful enough to wear it all the time. Especially because the majority of the models don’t really look good, fashionable, or wearable, to be honest. Why would we wear ugly, chunky, useless gadgets? The majority of fitness trackers aren’t only quite ugly, but they only track our steps, maybe the burned calories, they remind us to move around a little, and that’s about all. The high-end devices also monitor our heart rate, sleep quality and whether we drink enough water, but that is still not enough to make us wear them all the time. Samsung might solve this problem and make wearable gadgets desirable and useful again with its bio-processor.

According to reports, the South-Korean company is working on the so-called bio-processor that will be able to monitor multiple health-related metrics, like heart rate and heart rhythm, body fat, skeletal muscle mass, skin temperature and stress level. If the company actually manages to deliver the new processor, integrate it into a possibly nice-looking device, and get it on the market, they might change the wearable market as we know it today.

Fitness trackers could turn into health trackers, which would also mean that the people who are really concerned about their health will finally have a useful device to track it with. The trackers equipped with the bio-processor could possibly even save the lives of those wearing them, by giving them a heads up whenever it is needed. We don’t usually control our stress level, so a device that remind us to take it easier could come in handy in many situations and save us from nervous breakdowns, and possibly even death. We are eager to see when Samsung will definitely launch the new processor and what device they will integrate it into.

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