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DOOGEE Y100 X Vs DOOGEE Y100 PLUS – The battle of the siblings

Although the majority of people dream of high-end smartphones, we should admit that the majority of users don’t really need a device of such kind, and even more, even if they had it, they wouldn’t use it to its full capacity. So why should we all spend a lot of money on a smartphone when there are so many affordable ones on the market? The Doogee Y100 X and the Doogee Y100 Plus are two devices that are affordable but still have a lot to offer and will most likely be more than enough for regular smartphone users. They are both available on Everbuying for incredibly low prices. But let’s take a closer look at them.

Doogee Y100 X

The Doogee Y100 X is a nice-looking device with a simple design, rounded edges, three capacitive buttons on the lower end of the front panel and an elegantly placed camera a flashlight, and the volume controls on the back of the device. The smartphone is available in black and white colors, and both look great. The 5-inch display of the device is quite impressive, mostly because it is visually bezel-less. The 2.5D arc screen is clear and beautiful, and it is covered in an anti-fingerprint nano coating. The 720p HD display of the smartphone is able to deliver clear and sharp images that will ensure a great visual experience.


y100xThe smartphone is powered by a quad-core MTK6582 processor clocked at 1.3GHz combined with a Mali-400 MP GPU. It includes 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. The storage can be further extended thanks to the TF card slot of the device by up to 64GB. This is more than enough for users to store all their favorite music, video games and pictures on their smartphone. The Doogee Y100 X has a 2200mAh battery which is able to ensure a reasonable battery life for the smartphone. The Y100 X runs on Android 5.0, so users will be able to enjoy the Android experience and download whatever content they would like from Google Play Store.


The Doogee Y100 X is equipped with an 8MP back camera that will capture some great images. The camera features autofocus and flashlight, and it is able to record video, so users will be able to capture every interesting event of their life with the help of their smartphone. The secondary camera of the Doogee Y100 X has a 5MP sensor that is suitable for capturing great selfies, and it can also be used for video calling.


Users will be able to stay in touch with all their friends and family members thanks to the 802.11b/g/n wireless internet and the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity the device offers. Other features of the Doogee Y100 X include a browser, FM, MP4, 3G, MP3, Video Call, OTG, Bluetooth, gravity sensing, gesture sensor, and GPS. Customers can have all this for only $72.79 if they order the smartphone on Everbuying. This is really a small price to pay for a smartphone, especially for such a good-looking one.

Doogee Y100 Plus

The Y100 Plus is the bigger brother of the Y100 X. The design of the Plus is similar to the one of the Y100 X, at least, when it comes to the front panel of the device. When we take a look at the back panel we can see that the Y100 Plus lacks the volume controls, which in its case are set where they usually are set, on the side of the smartphone. The display of the smartphone is larger than the one of the previously presented model, but it has the same 720p HD resolution and it delivers the same clear and sharp images. The 5.5-inch 2.5D arc screen is quite beautiful and it perfectly fits the thin and premium looking body of the smartphone.


The Y100 Plus is also a little more powerful than the Y100X. It is powered by a quad-core processor clocked at 1.0GHz, which is combined with a Mali-720 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage the Y100 Plus is also more appealing because it includes 16GB of storage which can be extended by up to 32GB via a TF card. Naturally, the bigger smartphone comes with a bigger battery. The 3000mAh battery of the Doogee Y100 Plus will ensure a great battery life and users will never have to worry about their smartphone letting them down exactly when they most need it. The smartphone runs on Android 5.1, so it will deliver an even better user experience than its smaller sibling.


One of the most important differences between the two devices can be observed in the camera section. The Doogee Y100 Plus is equipped with an impressive Sony back camera with a 13MP sensor that will definitely deliver more beautiful and accurate images than the 8MP camera of the Y100 X. The camera features flashlight and autofocus, so the photos will look great even if the light conditions aren’t perfect. The 8MP front-facing camera of the device is also quite impressive and it will help users have great video call quality and take perfect selfies.

y100plus 2

The Doogee Y100 Plus offers the same wireless connectivity as the more affordable Doogee model: 3G, GPS, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM. It is equipped with a gesture sensor and a gravity sensor and it also features MP3, MP4, Video Call, OTG, and a browser. The Doogee Y100 Plus is available for an incredibly low price on Everbuying, customers can purchase it for only $119.99. It is a little more expensive than the Y100 X, but then again, it is also larger and more powerful, and let’s not forget the more impressive cameras either.


All in all, we can say that both the Doogee Y100 X and the Doogee Y100 Plus are quite impressive for their respective price. The Y100 X is the perfect choice for the customers who prefer a smaller, more accessible smartphone they can rely on. The Y100 Plus, on the other hand, would be the right smartphone for those who like to have a larger screen, a better camera, and more power. No matter which one you choose, you will get a good smartphone for a fair price if you order it on Everbuying.

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