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GoPro Announces 360 Camera For Consumers

360-degree video is the future of home-made movies, and it seems that all the major manufacturers know this. Only a couple of days after Nikon launched its KeyMission 360 camera, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman also announced a 360 camera that will become available soon. This won’t be the company’s first device that is able to shoot 360-degree videos, but it will be the first that won’t be created for professionals, and will have a more affordable price tag. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is ongoing until January 9.

Last year GoPro announced the h of two cameras with the capability of recording 360-degree videos, but both of these were aiming professional videographers and became available for prices that weren’t exactly affordable for consumers. The new camera, which was announced at CES 2016 is targeting the consumers, so the expected price will be a lot lower than the one of the current spherical cameras the company has on display. Of course, the lower price probably means less impressive features, but then again, regular users don’t really need everything a professional camera has to offer when they record their personal experiences.

GoPro is one of the most popular companies when it comes to action cameras, so we can expect customers to opt for the recently announced spherical camera instead of other similar products delivered by less known companies. The new device will definitely be perfect for those who like extreme sports, especially since the 360 videos have become so popular. What could be greater than recording extreme experiences with a camera that is able to capture 360-degree videos? No information was disclosed regarding the launch date, price, or availability of the projected GoPro camera, but given the fact that Nick Woodman stated that it will launch soon, it is safe to assume that the new device will be revealed in the first half of this year.

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