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LG G5 Launches at MWC 2016, Possible Features

Even though the CES 2016 has seen the launch of some new smartphones, like the HuaweiMate 8 and the LeTV Max Pro, the event where the majority of smartphone manufacturers like to launch their new flagship devices seems to be the Mobile World Congress, which this year will take place in Barcelona, Spain, between February 22 and 25. This is the event where the LG G5 is thought will be launched, and also the event where we might see the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge unveiled. The information doesn’t come from an official source, but it is credible enough to take it seriously.

The rumored specifications of the 2016 flagship that will be delivered by LG are quite impressive. First off, the LG G5 could be the first smartphone delivered by the South Korean to sport a metal unibody, instead of the plastic one the company used up until now. The materials the smartphone is built of won’t be the only ones to change, it is rumored that other major design changes will come with the G5 device. These could include a dual display, similar to the one of the LG V10. The LG G5 could sport a 160 x 1040 resolution screen placed above the normal, 5.4-inch, QHD display of the device. The secondary display could show notifications and select apps and controls. The dual screen may not be the only dual feature of the 2016 LG flagship, it could also surprise customers with a dual back camera that will be able to capture 16MP, 135-degree pictures.

Other possible innovative features of the LG G5 include an iris scanner, which would be a first in the smartphone industry which only delivers devices equipped with fingerprint sensors. The smartphone is likely to have a 3000mAh battery, which could ensure a reasonable battery life, even with the powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset and the QHD screen. The new Android 6.0 Marshmallow software will also help in prolonging the life of the battery, so users shouldn’t have to worry about this feature a lot. None of this information is official, so we might see the LG G5 be launched with different specs, but it is safe to assume that even if the rumored specs are not totally accurate, they are at least close to reality. We will know more when the smartphone finally launches, probably in February.


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