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HTC One M10

HTC One M10 Could Be Delayed Because the Company Focuses on VR

Everyone was expecting to see the HTC One M10 unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show that took place last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the smartphone was a no-show. Then, some people speculated that the 2016 flagship device of the Taiwanese company will be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next month. Now, rumor has it, according to The Bitbag, that we won’t see the smartphone unveiled there either because the company decided to focus on virtual reality instead of a new line of smartphones. The latest rumors might prove right since at the CES 2016 HTC showed off a brand new virtual reality device, the Vive .

The rumor is based on the fact that HTC CEO Cher Wang has said in an interview that smartphones are important for the company, but “creating a natural extension to other connected devices like wearables and virtual reality is more important”. VR has its own fans, but the ones who were eagerly waiting for the HTC One M10 to be revealed could be extremely disappointed because the handset promised to be a great one, and some of them didn’t go for the One M9, exactly because they wanted to wait for the next flagship smartphone.

The rumored features of the HTC One M10 included a bigger screen than the one featured by the HTC One M9, with a possible 4K resolution, which would have ensured a greater visual experience than the display of the 2015 flagship. The new flagship was expected to come with Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-core HMP cyclone technology, alongside a quite amazing 4GB of RAM. A 27MP back snapper was also included in the rumored specs, alongside a better battery and wireless charging. Even though the company is focusing on VR at this point, we might still see the HTC One M10 unveiled soon, but before the Taiwanese manufacturer officially confirms its launch, we can’t be certain of its existence.


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