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Microsoft HoloLens Will Work With Any Bluetooth or WiFi Connected Device

Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, the HoloLens was shown off last year, but the truth is that we don’t really know many details about the device. Or, at least, we didn’t until a recent event that took place in Tel Aviv, where some information regarding the Microsoft HoloLens were disclosed by Bruce Harris, a technical evangelist at Microsoft. The recently disclosed information concerns battery life, devices the headset can work with, and the field of view of the device.

According to the recent reports, the Microsoft HoloLens will not exactly impress with its battery life since it can only ensure up to five and a half hours of battery life when working on Word documents or email, and about two and a half hours when it is used for highly intensive computational work. The good thing is that the headset won’t heat under any circumstances. Even though the battery life of the headset didn’t impress us at all, it’s good to know that it won’t get warm when used for a longer period of time. At the same event, it was also said that the field of view of the HoloLens will offer a similar experience to looking at a 15-inch monitor that’s around two feet from your view.

The Microsoft HoloLens will be able to connect to any other device which offers Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, and it will also deliver 3D audio, with English support. If you are a regular customer and not a developer, it might not be a good idea for you to plan on purchasing the augmented reality headset. It will cost a lot of money, being priced at $3000, so if you don’t really have a way to use it in a constructive way, you could wait for another similar headset, targeting consumers, will become available. If you are a developer and would like to purchase the Microsoft holoLens it seems that you won’t have to wait a lot longer because the headset will start shipping in the first quarter of the year.


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