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rwatch m26

RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Available for under $17

Smartwatches seem to take the place of the regular timepieces we all used to own. There are high-end smartwatches made from extremely high-quality materials and interesting features, that cost a lot of money, and there are more affordable ones, like the RWATCH M26, which can be purchased for more than reasonable prices but still have a lot to offer. The M26 is available for only $16.62 on Gearbest, allowing customers to save up to 63% off its original price. The regular price was already reasonable, so the special price it is available for these days makes it a real bargain.

rwatch m26

The RWATCH M26 has a modern design, with a wide TPU strap and a rectangular watch case with rounded edges. The watch case is also curved, so it will feel comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time. The 1.4-inch TFT display of the smartwatch is bright and clear, so the delivered images will be easily visible. It has a power button on the left side of the watch case and a USB port on the right side of the device, where users can connect their charger. The gadget has a 230mAh battery that is able to ensure up to 180 hours of standby time.


The RWATCH M26 really has a lot to offer for the money. It can be connected to a smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. When it is paired to a smartphone, the wearable will allow users to answer calls, access the phonebook on their smartphones, and it also offers message and phone call reminders. When it comes to health features, the $17 smartwatch doesn’t offer a whole lot of sensors, but it does have a pedometer, so users will be able to track their steps with the help of their smartwatch.

Other features of the M26 include alarm clock, altimeter, thermometer, music player, calendar, calculator, anti-theft alarm, and stopwatch. When it is paired with a smartphone, the M26 can be used for remotely controlling the camera or the music of the handset. It is also able to push messages from  Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and others. Basically, it allows users to keep in touch with their friend and family even when they don’t have their smartphones at hand. The RWATCH M26  might not be the most impressive smart wearable you’ve ever seen but if you would like to have a smartwatch without having to spend a small fortune on it, this could be the perfect gadget for you. It will only set you back $16.62, and it might turn out to be the best wearable you’ve ever owned. You can order it from Gearbest  and it will ship between 4-10 business days.

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