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Apple Experimenting With Li-Fi Technology, “LiFiCapability” Found In iOS 9.1 Code

The new iPhone 7 has yet to be revealed in full, but it seems Apple has been experimenting with some very innovative features that might be added to the upcoming new smartphone model, according to what has been spotted in the code of the latest iOS update.

According to AppleInsider, the iOS 9.1 code includes a mention of “LiFiCapability” alongside other capability declarations. Current iPhone models don’t support the technology so there’s the chance that Apple is experimenting with it for inclusion in future iPhone models.

Li-Fi technology is a revolutionary system which allows data to be transmitted by modulating a light source, not unlike TV remotes. Unlike remotes, however, the light modulation for Li-Fi is impercetible by the human eye. Li-Fi is also much faster than Wi-Fi, with a theoretical capacity of up to 224 gigabits per second.

Li-Fi was coined by pureLiFi’s CSO, Professor Harald Haas, and refers to light based communications technology that delivers a high-speed, bidirectional networked, mobile communications in a similar manner as Wi-Fi. Although Li-Fi can be used to off-load data from existing Wi-Fi networks, implementations may be used to provide capacity for the greater downlink demand such that existing wireless or wired network infrastructure may be used in a complementary fashion.

Li-Fi technology would definitely make the next iPhone stand out from the many other devices launching this year, but as the technology is still very young, Apple may decid to continue experimenting with it and introduce it in its products at a later time. We will let you know more about the matter as soon as possible so continue following Tech Gagdet Central for all your latest technology news.

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