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Brave Browser Promises to be Faster and Ad-Free

Brendan Eich’s startup company, Brave Software, released a test version of a new web browser, called the Brave browser, on Wednesday, and it promises to be faster than any other browser we currently use. Eich was one of the major figures behind the Mozilla Firefox browser, and he also invented the JavaScript language, which Web programming is based on. His new project, the Brave browser will not only work faster, it also promises to top annoying ads popping up every few second on our screens. The new browser will work with computers running on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Apple’s OS X versions, Android, and iOS devices also.

According to the founder of the startup, the new browser will work at least two times, and up to four times faster than the smartphone browsers we now use, and its speed will be approximately 1.4 times faster when it is compared to the browsers we use on our personal computers. If this proves to be true, we could save some precious time when we are surfing the web. However, convincing people to replace the internet browser they got used to could prove to be a tricky task, given the fact that we all have one favorite browser we are committed to and switching to another one seems to be out of the question for some people.

The Brave browser also promises to offer consumers a higher level of privacy by shielding them from annoying ads. This way consumers won’t need to use different ad blockers. Even if the startup company will most likely face some difficulties before the new browser will become popular enough, if the software is indeed able to ensure faster web surfing and better privacy, we could see a large number of users switching to the new browser, if not for else, to get rid of the ads that annoy us so much.


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