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Outlook Premium

Outlook Premium To Be Priced $3.99 Per Month, Webpage Reveals

A little while back, the Microsoft Outlook Premium service has been revealed, a service which adds a bunch of features to Microsoft’s Outlook email platform such as five personalized email addresses, which allows users to set up more professional sounding addresses, an improved calendar sharing, an ad free inbox and more. The service is currently available through an invite, but it seems like the company is getting ready to let more user get access to the service.

According to a recently discovered webpage, users who aren’t subscribed to Office 365 will be able to get access to the Outlook Premium service for the price of $3.99, with the first year of service actually being free. As the service is still in the testing phases, there’s the chance that the final price may be changed in the future.

There’s also the chance that the Outlook Premium service may never leave the testing phase, with Microsoft deciding to terminate it due to negative feedback. The company considers it as an experiment, so anything might happen in the future.

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