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7.1sound Mixcder Power Gaming Headset: Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Mixcder Power Gaming Headset.

This is not your ordinary gaming headset and that’s because they use the word “power”. So after using the headset for more than a week, coming from Sony’s gaming headsets I give this headset a price/value ratio of 7 out of 10.

This is a really fun pair of headphones, and what I mean by that is the base boost on this headset is no joke. It connects through USB for both audio and microphone functions and the build quality is acceptable.

The Mixcder Power headset is from plastic and has some metal coverings for the ear cubs. The wire itself is nice with a aluminium spark to it, so it’t not to that hard to find in the dark. It’s not removable cable so it is hardwired into the headset. The top band has a strap on it that adjusts to the size of your head. And it is sturdy but not to heavy, but this brings the issue of comfort. This headphone can go both ways, depending on the size of your ear.

The headset itself has some really cool features, you have the mic that can bend according to your mouth and it does light up. The left ears cub has buttons on the front and the back – the front has you base boosting buttons and you also have the mute button that controls this here. And on the back of it you have the volume and up buttons. Now you can push this down and hold it and the volume will go up according to how long you hold it or down vice versa.


Not a lot of headsets offer this you have the base boosting button, and what that does is it vibrates the whole entire headphones. The ear cubs vibrate so for each base punch there is a vibration to your head. Honestly it’s like having 2 sub-woofers on your ears. That is the main selling point of this headphone. If you want something with a lot of base and a lot of vibration sensation the Mixcder Power Gaming headset are your choice. You know when you go to a concert and the sub-woofers vibrate your whole body, well that’s what the Mixcder headset feels like.

I would highly recommend buying these headsets.

7 of 10

Sound - 9.6
Microphone - 9.1
Comfort - 8.7



The Mixcder Gaming Power Headsets 7.1 are a great choice if you just love strong bass vibration.

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