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Apple Watch 2

Recently Filed Patent Hints at Apple Watch 2 with Dual Cameras

Apple may have disappointed us a little bit at the WWDC 2016 by not showing off the Apple Watch 2, as we hoped for, but it seems that more and more rumors start surfacing regarding the wearable. The latest ones, coming from Patently Apple, are based on a recently filed patent, which suggests that the upcoming smartwatch will feature dual cameras. In case you would like to take selfies with your smartwatch, the Cupertino-based company will possibly make your dream come true. If dual cameras will become a real deal, it’s most likely that one of them will be facing the user, while the other one will be set somewhere on the upper edge of the gadget, allowing users to take pictures of their surroundings from their wrists.

Other rumors concerning the Apple Watch 2 state that the gadget will be launched sometime in September, so we will see all of its features in the fall. It’s highly likely that we’ll get several models, just as we did with the first version of Apple’s smartwatch. This will probably include the regular Apple watch, the Sport version, and special editions, like last year’s Hermès models. As for the price range of the upcoming smartwatch version, according to sources, the selling price of the upcoming model could start at $1000 and go up to $10,000 for the gold edition. Whether the gadget will be worth that much is yet to be seen.

Apple is expected to use new materials for the 2016 smartwatch model, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see a spectacular change in the design of the gadget. Although the design won’t change much, the Watch OS 3 that is expected to roll out in the fall might make the difference for customers, given the fact that the new software is rumored to be much more interesting. Now, there are approximately 3500 Apple Watch apps users can download, and this number is expected to grow with the release of the new model and the most recent operating system.

If the Cupertino-based company would like to keep its fans, and even win new ones, the Apple Watch 2 should be something truly impressive, especially if the rumored price range is the real one. We’ll just have to wait and see what Apple will deliver. As soon as we find out more about the upcoming gadget, we’ll share our information with you.

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