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Google is Reportedly Working on Nexus Smartwatches

Google is definitely working on becoming a serious competitor in the smartphone market with its Nexus devices, and according to the latest rumors, this is not where the tech giant will stop. The company is reportedly working on two smartwatches also, and if they turn out right, it could get in line with Samsung, Apple, and other tech companies that deliver smart wearable alongside smartphones and tablets. The Nexus smartwatches could come as early as September when the Nexus smartphones of this year are also expected to be launched.

According to The Next Web, we can expect two new gadgets, that will look a little different but share their main specifications, just like the rumored HTC Nexus Marlin and HTC Nexus Sailfish. The codenames of the Nexus smartwatches seem to be Angelfish and Swordfish. There isn’t a lot of information available but it sure seems that Google is going for the round shape, which will make the smartwatches look a lot similar to the Moto 360 for example, but it’s highly likely that the Nexus smartwatches won’t have the same “flat tire” problem as the aforementioned gadget. According to Android Police, the Angelfish will have three buttons on the right side of the watch face, one bigger crown button in the middle, and two smaller ones on each side of the crown button.

The Angelfish, which is reportedly the larger gadget of the two will be 14mm thick and will have a 43.5mm diameter watch face. The Swordfish, the smaller device, will most likely measure 42mm in diameter and will be only 10.6mm thick. Also, the Swordfish will only have one button on the side, instead of the three already mentioned on the side of the Angelfish. Both devices will definitely run on Android Wear and will offer Google Assistant integration with contextual alerts.

Rumor has it that the larger Angelfish will offer LTE and GPS support while the Swordfish will lack both of them. A heart rate monitor will also be found in the larger model, but will not be available in the smaller one. We are not entirely sure what will make the Swordfish a great smartwatch, given the fact that it will reportedly lack almost all of the features that turn a watch into a smart wearable, but Google probably knows what they are doing. However, the Angelfish sound promising, if they manage to pull off an impressive design for the smartwatch.

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