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The Basslet – A Gadget for the Party Animal in You

The majority of us love music and like to be surrounded by good quality sound wherever we are. When we are at home it’s easy to ensure the best sound quality with the help of usually pricey sound systems, but what do we do when we are on the go? The quality of the sound delivered by headsets and different earbuds nowadays is quite astonishing but they all lack one thing, an important one, and that is the bass that we all, let’s face it like to feel. Thanks to a German team and their gadget, the Basslet, we can now take this feeling with us everyone, in the shape of a  small wearable.


The Basslet looks a lot like a smartwatch at first sight, given the fact that it was designed to be worn on the wrist, but its only purpose is to deliver the beats and basslines of the music you are listening to, directly to your body. One great thing about this gadget compared to regular sound systems that deliver the same feeling is that the Basslet is completely silent to the outside world. No one will be annoyed by your bass, you will be the only one to feel it. Oh, and you can feel it alright.

Although the gadget developed by Daniel Büttner, Gwydion ap Dafydd, and their team can be used by just about anyone, it is perfect for DJs, who can work wherever they need to, and still be able to monitor the impact of the music they create. Also, the gadget can ensure a truly great gaming experience, especially when used in VR games. Users will definitely have the feeling that they are there, in the midst of the action and they will literally feel every sound that surrounds them.

Using the Basslet is extremely easy. All owners need to do is to connect the device to their smartphone, laptop, gaming console, VR headset, and then strap the gadget on their wrist. There is no app needed to be installed on these devices, the smartwatch-looking subwoofer will work with each of them without any additional software. The sender that comes with the Basslet needs to be plugged between your headphones and any device with an audio jack socket. and it will automatically send the desired vibes to your wrist, offering the sensation only a high-quality sound system could up until now.


The gadget was available for only €99 for the Super Early Bird backers on Kickstarter, but now backers can only opt for the €129 or €139 versions, or you can even get two of these amazing little devices for €198. If you decide to back the project on Kickstarter, you will most likely get the product sometime in December.

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