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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is Now Available in Germany

Pokémon Go has launched only a week ago but it already has a huge number of fans all across the world. The mobile game was initially made available in the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand, and even so, the love for the app spread like fire. Users outside the aforementioned regions could download the game, even if not through the official channels, but everyone was waiting for the mobile game to be released globally. As of yesterday, there was a rumor going on regarding the launch of the app in Europe and Asia also in the next few days, but probably no one would have thought that Niantic would move so fast.

The Pokémon Go mobile app was already launched in Germany, according to Android Central, making it the first state in Europe to be able to download the game from Google’s Play Store. We expect the game to become available in the UK and in other European countries in the next few days also. So far, the app appears on the web version of the Google Play Store, but the site shows the game as incompatible. It’s highly likely that the game maker is working hard to make the app globally available given the fact that it was so well received by the general public. The app was more downloaded on its first day than Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the US.

After the official launch of the game in the US, Australia, and New Zealand a lot of cloned versions of the game surfaced on the internet that allowed users to download the app even in Europe, Asia , and other regions. However, the majority of these versions were affected by malware and infected the devices of the users who couldn’t wait for the official version of the app to come through.

Pokémon Go has its advantages and disadvantages also. The game that sends players to hunt for virtual monsters in real places definitely turns people who were possibly couch potatoes before into more active persons, but it also causes some trouble. The US Holocaust Museum and the representatives of the Arlington National Cemetery per instance had to ask players not to play Pokémon Go on their premises anymore.

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