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Leaked images confirm iPhone 7 Pro dual lens camera

The iPhone 7 is expected to launch sometime in September, and although so far there were a lot of rumors circulating regarding the number of models and different features of the device, there was not much certainty around the handset. The most recent leaked images that were disclosed by Nowhereelse.fr seem to confirm the rumor that this time around Apple will launch three new handsets instead of just two, as they usually do. The newest member of the iPhone family will be the iPhone 7 Pro, which is supposed to be an even larger and better version of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The leaked image shows the three upcoming smartphones, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro side by side. The two models that were expected to launch, the simple version of the iPhone and the Plus look a lot like the previous models. The antenna lines were repositioned, and the camera also seems to be bigger than the one found on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but otherwise the design didn’t change much. The iPhone 7 Pro, however, features a dual lens back camera and judging from the three dots seen in the lower part of the back cover, it will most likely come with a Smart Connector. This feature, that is currently available only on the iPad Pro range allows users to share power and data with connected peripherals.

Although rumor had it that all the new iPhone models will get the dual lens camera the iPhone 7 Pro is equipped with, according to the leaked images they won’t. The upcoming models won’t get the Smart Connector either. It seems that Apple kept all the good stuff for its top of the line model, the Pro. Unfortunately, this also means that those who would like to get these features will need to pay more. Around $100 more at each capacity size, if we are to take a guess, based on the previous pricing of the iPhone models. The handsets depicted in the leaked images also have an S on their rear cover, which is quite strange given the fact that this year Apple should launch the regular version of the iPhone 7, not the S line. This could hint at the fact that the images aren’t real, or maybe Apple just decided to skip a step and go directly for the iPhone 7 S. Whether the Pro will offer other extra features or not, it still remains to be seen. There are only a few weeks before the big launch, so we’ll know soon.


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