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OnePlus 3 Battery Explodes, Decimates Phone

The OnePlus 3 is definitely one of the most popular smartphones that were released this year. The third OnePlus device is not only powerful and good looking, it is also affordable, just like its predecessors. Even though the majority of the reviews coming from both users and the media were positive, it seems that the handset is not as perfect as everyone would have thought. According to one user, known as subtlebeast89 on Reddit, there is a fair chance that the battery of your smartphone will eventually just blow up. There is only one report concerning the overheating and explosion of a OnePlus 3 battery, but if it happened to one user, it could also happen to more.

According to the aforementioned OnePlus device user, cited by androidheadlines.com, the smartphone started heating up while in his pocket, and then it just blew up and started releasing noxious fumes. Unfortunately, the handset’s faulty battery didn’t just release fumes, it also burnt a great part of the device. According to Android headlines, the manufacturing company already reached out to the user and started fixing the issue. This, however, doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem of the smartphone. There were no other reports regarding batteries that have exploded so far, so maybe the malfunction was due to improper use.

The OnePlus 3 is not the only handset to explode in the history of gadgets. In the past few years, there were also reports regarding the batteries of Xiaomi, Samsung, LG and other handsets too. Thankfully, this is definitely not a common problem, so it is highly likely that your smartphone will never explode. However, it seems that it’s not impossible either to see your smartphone release suspicious fumes at one point. Given the fact that it is quite an uncommon issue, it’s safe to assume that in case it will happen to you, the manufacturer will replace your gadget. Especially if you don’t make a great fuss about it and you report it directly to them instead of creating bad publicity. We hope we won’t hear about exploding smartphone batteries any time soon. If yours does blow up, please tell us about it.

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