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PlayStation 4 Gets Slimmer Than Ever

Everyone knows that the toughest competition in the game console market goes down between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation. Every time one of the companies releases something new, the other one is definitely close behind with something just as impressive, or even more amazing. This time around, Microsoft was the quicker one and revealed the Xbox One S before Sony managed to deliver their upgraded PlayStation 4 to the general public. It’s not a surprise that only a few weeks after the unveiling of the Xbox One S, a leaked image of Sony’s game console surfaced, revealing a slimmer version of the gadget.

According to The Verge, the leaked images were sent to them by a seller, just after they appeared in an online auction. If the images will prove to be the real deal, the Japanese company’s new game console will be thinner than ever. Besides this aspect, the appearance of the gadget also suffered some other modifications, including a matte finish, and rounded corners. Other than this, the leaked images have also revealed that the device shown in them is equipped with a 500GB hard drive,

Unfortunately, the images don’t hint at other specs of the game console. It was said in the past that Sony is working on a game console that will support 4K resolution. It’s not clear whether the one that is scheduled to be released in September will offer 4K or if it will be a minor upgrade from the previous version of the PlayStation 4. Either way, it’s certain that the new game console will become available before the holiday season. The Xbox One S is already available, so the competition is on. Just like in other years, the two tech giants will try to sell as many devices as they can. We can only envy the lucky gamers who will get their hands on either of the game consoles this year. It’s certain that both of them will offer an enhanced gaming experience. Which one would you like to get this holiday season?

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