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No.1 G5

The No.1 G5 Smartwatch is a Cool Gadget for a Small Price

Nowadays no one wears traditional watches anymore if they have a choice. Truth is that once you’ve had one smartwatch, it’s quite hard to go back to a timepiece that has only one functionality: keeping time. It may seem awkward that we don’t like traditional watches, given the fact that they were created for the sole purpose of keeping time, but let’s face it: if we can keep track of our health too and stay tuned to our smartphones with the help of our timepieces, why shouldn’t we do it? There are all sorts of smartwatches available right now. Some of them are truly high-end, with really high prices, but there are also some cool ones available, for incredibly low prices, such as the No.1 G5 smartwatch.

The first thing that strikes the potential users about the No.1 G5 smartwatch is its really cool, casual design. The round bezel of the timepiece reminds us of traditional sports watches, but it also suggests an active lifestyle, full of adventures. The watch case is made of stainless steel, which is both good looking and resistant. The sapphire crystal that covers the display of the smartwatch is also durable and eye-catching. Together with the advanced TPU plastic material the strap of the timepiece is made of, the watch case and the display come together in creating a truly comfortable and head-turning gadget.

no1 g5

no1g52The No.1 G5 is not only a cool looking gadget that people wear only in order to accessorize their outfits, it’s also a smart device. The gadget is equipped with a heart rate monitor that is placed on the back of the watch case. This way, users will be able to constantly keep track of their cardiac activity. Maintaining a good heart rate is extremely important in the stressful lives we are all living. In the No.1 G5 users will have a dependable friend who will take care of them by letting them know how they are doing health-wise. The heart monitor is not the only smart feature of the timepiece. It also has a pedometer function, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, and more. The gadget keeps track of the user’s mileage, time spent with different activities, as well as energy consumption. Basically, it keeps track of every important aspect of their activities.

Besides the health features we’ve already mentioned, the No.1 G5 also offers some smartphone-related features. For instance, the timepiece offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, so it can be easily paired with the majority of Android and iOS smartphones that are currently in use. This way, users will be able to control some of the functions of their smartphones, such as the cameras, call logs, and messages. Speaking of cameras, when people can remotely control them from their wrist, some really cool pics can be born. Maybe you should try it out sometime.

One might think that in order to get all this, they would need to spend a lot of money. It’s not the case with the No.1 G5, thankfully. The gadget is extremely affordable, being available for only $29.99. If you purchase it on Gearbest, using the GBG5 coupon code, you can save $4, and only pay $25.99 for the timepiece. The offer is limited, the flash sale ends in 5 days, and there is also a limited amount of smartwatches for sale. Those who would really want one should get it soon.

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