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The Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses Are Probably the most Affordable of their Kind

Xiaomi managed to prove in the last year or so that they are more than capable of delivering good quality gadgets for reasonable prices. Even though until recently the company only manufactured smartphones and tablets, it seems that the Chinese firm is also trying to get into other markets as well. Their latest devices are the Xiaomi VR  3D Glasses. Usually, this kind of gadgets are quite pricey, but it’s not the case with the Xiaomi glasses. They are available at this time for only $19.99 on Gearbest. This is quite a low price if we consider the amount of money other VR headsets would cost you.


The Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses have quite a unique design with two zippers on the side of the device and they are made from high-class Lycra material, so they are both comfortable to wear and durable. The VR Glasses can be used with smartphones that feature displays ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches. Basically, they can be used with almost any smartphone model that is currently available on the market. The device has a clever hollowed-out design that ensures heat dissipation. It also has an anti-skid design, thanks to which the home button of your smartphone won’t come in contact with the device. Thanks to the meristic reticle embedded into the design of the device, smartphones can be easily inserted into the VR headset, so using this gadget is as easy as can be.

xiaomi vr 3d glasses

Why would you need these glasses? Because they offer a truly immersive video experience and they will make you feel like you were actually in the game instead of just watching others play it. The Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses aren’t only suitable for gaming, they are also great for watching panorama videos or still images. The gadget is equipped with an aspherical lens in order to ensure a clear view, so users will get an amazing experience when watching videos or images with the 3D glasses.

xioami vr virtual reality 3d glasses

All in all, the Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses are pretty awesome, especially if we take their price into consideration. Paying under $20 for such a device is basically a bargain, so if you want them, feel free to order them from Gearbest. The promotional sale ends in 24 days, so hurry up and get your hands on one of these gadgets as soon as possible.

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