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Jet Black iPhone 7 Sold Out Before Hitting the Stores

iPhone fans all over the world have lined up on Friday in order to get their hands on the latest addition to Apple’s lineup of smartphones. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were revealed only last week, but some of the models already sold out. Those who were quick enough to preorder the handsets managed to purchase a Jet Black iPhone 7, but, unfortunately, for those who decided to wait until the first batch of the gadget hits the shelves only a few models remained to choose from. According to CNN¬†Money, the Jet Black model wasn’t the only one to sell out before the official release. The 7 Plus is no longer available in any color.

Even though there weren’t any amazing changes made to Apple’s smartphone, there still are a lot of people who would do almost anything to buy one. The changes are rather minor, at least when it comes to the design of the handset. The antenna bands that we all knew were moved to the upper edge of the smartphone and the home button also suffered some changes, but that kind of sums up the differences between the iPhone 6S and its successor.

Of course, there are some changes inside the smartphone also, such as a brand new operating system, the iOS 10, and a new A10 processor that should offer a better user experience than the previous A9. The iPhone 7 also offer greater water and dust resistance and a few new features related to force touch. One of the biggest changes in the new iPhone is the lack of the 3.5mm audio jack. The opinion of users regarding this aspect of the handset is quite divided, but truth be told, in a few months everyone will probably learn to accept the new gadget just the way it is, people won’t even notice that they no longer have an audio jack to connect their regular headsets to.

All in all, Apple seems to have delivered a smartphone that is a worthy successor to the previous models. There are no major changes in the device, only minor improvements, but the quality of the gadgets remains the same. Even if it wouldn’t, there still would be enough iPhone fans to make a difference on the smartphone market, thanks to their loyalty to the brand.

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